Blood Frontier

Blood Frontier

Fight against evil robots in this futuristic first-person shooter


  • Several gaming modes
  • Many maps to play
  • Single-player and multiplayer games


  • Graphics are not brilliant
  • Bots are sometimes too difficult to beat

Not bad

In a not-so distant future, the human race expands to other planets and creates Space colonies where robots and human beings live and work together peacefully… until a mysterious plague starts affecting them.

This is the main plot behind Blood Frontier, an open-source first person shooter in which you play the role of an android who escapes the plague and must put an end to those dangerous hordes of infected creatures.

Like in other games of this genre, Blood Frontier features several gaming modes (death-match, capture the flag and the likes) and a bunch of maps as gaming scenarios. You can play in either single-player games against bots or multiplayer games. The latter though seem to work only in LAN – I couldn't find any online servers to play while testing the game.

The graphics and physics in Blood Frontier may not be as hi-tech and brilliant as other commercial titles, but the game still manages to keep you hooked on for a while, or at least until you're able to wipe those darned bots out.

Blood Frontier is an action-packed GPL first person shooter that still needs some development, but which looks very promising.

Blood Frontier


Blood Frontier

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